Salaet is a family-owned company dedicated to the manufacturing paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry. With almost 60 years of experience, we have become a reference in our sector.

We provide creative, innovative and quality solutions to the food industry worldwide, contributing to creating more sustainable packaging and promoting the reduction of the use of plastics in the sector.

Our history


Our beginnings date back to 1965, when the founder, Lorenzo Salaet Salvadó, initiated his career in the world of food packaging. In its beginnings he started manufacturing baking cups, still today, a star product of the company.


Elena Cervera Corominola, wife of Lorenzo Salaet Salvadó, joins the business. They work together in this project, becoming one of the pillars of the company.


The company acquires the first automatic baking cup machine, taking a step forward in production efficiency.


The first machines for cardboard trays and paper doilies on reels are incorporated.


The existing industrial plants are amplified to increase storage and factory capacity.


A new production center is established in the same locality, and several companies in the sector are acquired.


The first foreign subsidiary is established in Buenos Aires (Argentina).


The new production center is enlarged and a third one is built in the same locality.

This same year the second generation joined the company.


The manufacture of paper bags starts with the purchase of new machinery.


The fourth production center gets built in the industrial park of Gandesa, with new offices and a logistics center.


The second subsidiary is established, this time in Timisoara (Romania).


The production of rolled rim baking trays and heat-sealable trays is started with the purchase of the corresponding equipment.


Production of tulip baking cups starts with the purchase of new machinery.


BRC Packaging certifications are achieved for the first time.


The facilities located in the industrial park are expanded, with the construction of a new 7,000 m2 production plant.


A new production center is acquired in Timisoara (Romania).


New materials and packaging, developed entirely in the R&D department, are added to the company's portfolio.

This same year, part of the third generation joins the company.


New plots of land are acquired for the expansion of the facilities in the industrial park, and construction work begins on an additional 8,000 m2.


To contribute to living in a world with products packaged in sustainable packaging


To create innovative products to satisfy new market needs

Production We have cutting-edge machinery and highly qualified personnel